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I am media. Media is me.

With many different platforms in today’s society, we, as people are no longer just consumers. Gone are the days when we used to just listen or view content via institutional media forms. We have further developed into becoming social prosumers. We are now not only consuming, but also producing content. At the slide of an unlocking iPhone, we are able to deliver news or content to audiences whilst also reading or viewing what others have uploaded.

Our media world now has moved from being just monologic and is progressing to dialogic. With such social platforms as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter people are now able to act as citizen journalists, recording events and also being able to interact with other users on issues too. We are able to ‘like’, ‘comment’, ‘share’, ‘retweet’ and even using hashtag platforms to find conversations which we take a certain liking or view too. The world of the gatekeeper has disappeared. In the monologic and controlled media world, information was often regulated before being published though now with it is as easy to learn or read about events or information by just looking through user generated media. Now, whilst I personally believe this is rather positive, it also can have negative ties to it. Being user generated media, there is no editing or actual regulation. Simple ethics can be rather minimal or not even used at all and the actual source we are reading could very well have no actual credibility.

Instagram, a user generated media platform, is also rather interesting to look at considering the ideas previously discussed. I know when I first wake up in the morning I have a scroll through Instagram, past the #selfies to find sometimes find something interesting. I remember I first found out about the Boston Bombings via Instagram, in which a celebrity had uploaded the photo displayed below.


Image reference: Instagram, #prayforboston

From here, I was able to comment and find more information and also repost the photo. Here, I was not just a consumer. I was playing an active part on the media stage, which is Instagram.


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