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Dawn of a New Day

2014 was a complete whirlwind of new experiences and fresh memories. Being my first year of university, I was nervous and honestly had no true idea what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go. I spent the year choosing a wide range of subjects to gain insight into the different majors Communications and Media has to offer, though I still felt uneasy. The year brought me a whole new group of friends and a whole new sense of self.

Though as 2015 has now dawned, I finally feel like I have direction. I have since decided to major in journalism and international communications and am eager to jump straight into my second year of university. This year is already promising to bring a whole bundle of new and exciting experiences to benefit both my education, career and who I am becoming as an individual. In July, I am off overseas to travel Europe on my own, something I have been dreaming about doing since I was a little kid. At the end of the year I have also managed to secure myself an internship in London and will be moving overseas for two months to work as a journalist. This is something that I am incredibly excited about and in a strange sense, I feel that it will be like I am finally coming home for the first time. I cannot wait to move my career abroad and truly see what this world has to offer.

Though until then, let my pen finally now have direction and let my words have power.


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