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The Trip of a Lifetime: Schoolies Style

Schoolies, for many school leavers is the trip of a lifetime and for Monique her trip to Fiji was no different.

Having met her current best friend, Teagan, through the discussion of a possible Fijian schoolies, Monique and four other friends set off to the islands of Fiji in November, 2014 for a week-long blur of beach parties and sun-kissed fun! Those four friendships quickly grew as the girls met other school leavers, also on schoolies from all over Australia.


Monique wholeheartedly agrees with the 2014 Schoolies slogan claiming ‘it definitely is the trip of a lifetime’. From here, she has now even booked a trip to South America and having now caught the bug for travelling, Monique plans to venture to all corners of the globe for culture, experience and fun!


Whilst the countless parties, sunny days and crazy events with internationally renowned DJ’s all made her Fijian schoolies an unforgettable event, Monique feels that it just wouldn’t be the same going back again for a holiday, but rather hold onto the idea of savouring the memories. Monique has since come back home to Australia as a promoter for Schoolies Fiji, 2016.

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