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Journalists On Twitter

The three journalists that I have chosen to follow on Twitter are Melissa Doyle, Sarah Ferguson and Mariam Veiszadeh.

Doyle uses Twitter in a light hearted way, both retweeting her own professional work with Sunday Night, but also engaging with her followers. She also provides links to her official Facebook page. Doyle also tweets about her personal life and interacts with her actual colleagues and friends on an everyday basis.

Contrastingly Veioszadeh actively uses Twitter to engage in activism campaigns, both tweeting and retweeting her own works and the work of others. Her tweets are also often about her work and social interests, leaving her not much room to actively engage with her followers on a personal level.

Sarah Ferguson however has a bleaker Twitter than the other two, not describing much in her bio besides the fact that she is a presenter for the ABC. Ferguson retweets newsworthy stories and content, often commenting on them and actively uses hashtags.

All in all, these are three different journalists who have successfully been able to use Twitter in contrasting and effective ways.

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