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Journalists On Twitter

The three journalists that I have chosen to follow on Twitter are Melissa Doyle, Sarah Ferguson and Mariam Veiszadeh. Doyle uses Twitter in a light hearted way, both retweeting her own professional work with Sunday Night, but also engaging with her followers. She also provides links to her official Facebook page. Doyle also tweets about her personal life and interacts with her actual colleagues and friends on an everyday basis. Contrastingly Veioszadeh actively uses Twitter to engage in activism campaigns, both tweeting and retweeting her own works and the work of others. Her tweets are also often about her work and social interests, leaving her not much room to actively engage with her followers on a personal level. Sarah Ferguson however has a bleaker Twitter than the other two, not describing much in her bio besides the fact that she is a presenter for the ABC. Ferguson retweets newsworthy stories and content, often commenting on them and actively uses hashtags. All in all, these are three different journalists who have successfully been able to use Twitter …

What’s Hidden: A World of Technology and Opportunity

In a world saturated by technology, society has never been so connected. Advancements and new technologic platforms have given individuals an array of opportunities to express themselves and grow, allowing them to live both in the real world and the hidden online and virtual realms of the digital one. Elizabeth Ellis, 19, is just one of the three billion Internet users who surf the Internet each day and can’t imagine life without it. Through establishing herself on the social media site Tumblr, Elizabeth has been able to connect with other users from all around the world, partaking in events and activism campaigns which would have been impossible to join had she not had access to the Internet. Elizabeth believes “the internet is kind of this hidden realm. We all know it is there, but I don’t think we truly understand the extent of its abilities and potentials.” Elizabeth explains how the Internet has opened up the opportunity for individuals to join a new type of community; a community which may be considered hidden from that …

The 78 Year Old Bush Kid

Gary Tolhurst’s earliest childhood memories are etched into the large gum trees and hidden paths which run along the Illawarra escarpment; memories which are still as lively as the running streams in which he played. Jump forward 70 years and Gary still smiles about his wondrous childhood and the unique relationship he developed with the Australian bush, a sanctum of life, beauty and raw nature. The bush has not only become a part of Gary’s identity, but has also ignited his passions for wildlife and nature, a fire which still burns so brightly in the dark green eyes of this 78 year old bush kid.

A Dark Room Review

Gemma Mollenhauer’s ‘A Dark Room’ is a fantastic example of an audio interview. The interview is incredibly genuine and raw, supporting the idea that depression is a very important issue within our society. The metaphor of depression being this dark room within ones mind is also incredibly effective and through the use of ambient noises, as listeners can definitely feel and imagine the sense of isolation and hopelessness. Through using the sounds of doors opening and closing, the idea of depression becomes more and more real, giving the interview in-depth emotions and purpose. The continual heavy breathing also creates tension within the interview and is effective in giving the listener and idea of the struggle that someone must undertake when battling depression. I also liked the simplicity of the guitar plucking at the end of the interview. The guitar lightens the mood ever so slightly and represents a way that the subject who is struggling with depression finds an escape. Overall, the piece is incredibly effective and easy to listen to. Audiences alike are able …

Gary Tolhurst

For my audio assignment, I have decided to focus on the relationship that my grandfather has with the bush. Growing up, Gary Tolhurst spent each day playing outside and exploring the bushland that is the Illawarra escarpment. I am also confident that I will have an abundance of sounds to work with as the bush is a place which really is alive and active! These natural sounds will be used to represent the sounds that Gary heard growing up as a ‘bush kid’ and also the activities that he got up to in the bush, during his youth. I am to start off the audio assignment with single layered sounds and as Gary begins to explain how he feels when entering the bush, layer the eclectic sounds to create an audio representation of the escarpment. I may also source some sounds of animals to give context to my piece.

Surfing the Beach Soundscape

The relationship of which I was focussing on for this exercise was the connection my sister has with the ocean. Having grown up near the beach her whole life, Shannon has a real love for all beach related activities and culture. She spends most afternoons in the summer surfing and swimming and during the winter will often walk the beach to relax and get out in the fresh air. When creating this soundscape, I focussed on Shannon getting ready at the beach, listening to the wind, sand and water, and then finally her walking towards the ocean for an afternoon surf. One major challenge which I did face however was the velocity of wind that was blowing into the mic, though I was able to edit this level out the sounds at a more even balance.