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Lachlan Dent is one young basketball player to keep an eye on. At just 15 years of age, Dent was selected to play for Australia in the World Championship Qualifiers. Playing basketball since a very young age, Dent continues to grow as both a player and student of the sport. Darren O’Brien, coach of Dent’s Illawarra Representative team wholeheartedly agrees that Lachlan has the potential to go professional and supports him on his ventures playing with the Australian Nationals Goanna team. Such huge achievements and aspirations keep Dent busy with a strict and intense training regime though he is eager and determined as ever to break into the international sporting community and represent the country that he loves in a profession which he so clearly excels in.

International Exchange: The University Dream or University Hunger Games?

University international exchange programs seem to truly offer the opportunity of a lifetime and it is continuing to grow, becoming Australia’s third largest export industry. Chances to make new friends, see new and exciting cultures and travelling the world are all promised and expected! So why wouldn’t students want to participate in such a vibrant and rewarding experience? Hoping to go on exchange next year to either the USA or Europe, I already have envisioned the positive experiences described above, but is this really the case for all students going on international exchange? As we pack up our bags and textbooks, jetting off around the globe, have we ever thought about what the experiences are like for students landing in Australia on exchange, entering our universities and hoping for the same colourful experiences? After looking into the reading by Peter Kell and Gillian Vogl, I began to understand that international students coming to Australia don’t just experience our sunny beaches or lovely weather. They are subject to language barriers, culture shocks, societal fears and other worries about security …

The World Is At Your Fingertips

In a society like our own, we are able to immerse ourselves into a huge variety of different cultures! The 21st century world now involves incredible interactions of new orders and intensity, opening so many windows and doors. Personally, I live a very Americanised lifestyle. I love American brands, the film industry, and ultimately the American dream. Meanwhile, I have friends who have been completely absorbed by the Japanese culture. Each of these experiences are unique and subject to the individual and I think it truly demonstrates just how connected our world has become! Such a utopian view of globalisation can be understood through looking at Marshall McLuhan‘s concept of the ‘global village’, in which it is argued that the world is able to be brought closer together through the globalisation of  connected communications. International interactions have grown to become so easy! Education, arts and ideas can be shared freely, with global events also now being able to be organised. Countries are no longer just subject to celebrating their own cultures heritage, but can now engage and …