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For the Traveller

There is no feeling more euphoric than setting off into the cloudy blue skies, for the journey of a lifetime. A smile will be composed across your face as you begin to imagine the possibilities of adventure and the beautiful cultures and sites that you will see and experience. This moment is something that every person deserves to experience. Young at heart, wise at mind and a burning passion for all that life has to offer, the traveller is a unique being. Be you travelling alone or friends, travelling truly is the opportunity of a lifetime. Travelling has the opportunity to shape you, to change the very essence of your being, challenging what you thought you knew and who you thought you were. It’s a liberating and entrancing experience. Every one of us a story, something that has unconditionally changed or inspired us. Travelling the world is no different. You may temporarily leave behind your life back home, though you will fall in love with people who have their own stories and journeys, with cities …

An Australian In Paris

Paris, je t’aime. Never have I felt so intoxicated when exploring a city. As Audrey Hepburn said it, Paris is definitely always a good idea. Your divine history and culture is beautifully enriching and whilst exploring each street, I found myself falling deeper and deeper in love. From sipping expensive wines on the busy Avenue des Champs-Élysées, to climbing the Arc de Triomphe, Paris is a city that will provide any traveller with interesting and spectacular views. Be sure to sample sugary snacks like a modern day Marie Antoinette and try your best at flirting in French, after all it is said though that one will only get two bigs loves in their lifetime and for me; Paris has become one of those great loves, forever and always.