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The Saviour: Anthropomorphism

Animals and humans have always had intricate relationships with one another. Since the beginning of time, animals and humans have worked along side each other, hunted one another and lived side by side with the other, so it is only natural to see animals present in the media within contemporary society. From the youngest years of our childhood, we are introduced to animals in the media. I for one, was obsessed with animals as a youngster. My favourite movies consisted of The Lion King, Dumbo and The Land Before Time, all of which were films based around animals. These films attempted to portray the natural world as a reflection of our own humanity, developing the concept of anthropomorphism. By giving these animals a human conscience and understanding of the world, we are opening up new doors to the way we feel towards animals and the way in which we understand their nature. There would not have been a dry eye in the cinema as Scar acted on his plan to murder Mufusa in front of Simba. Even …

The 78 Year Old Bush Kid

Gary Tolhurst’s earliest childhood memories are etched into the large gum trees and hidden paths which run along the Illawarra escarpment; memories which are still as lively as the running streams in which he played. Jump forward 70 years and Gary still smiles about his wondrous childhood and the unique relationship he developed with the Australian bush, a sanctum of life, beauty and raw nature. The bush has not only become a part of Gary’s identity, but has also ignited his passions for wildlife and nature, a fire which still burns so brightly in the dark green eyes of this 78 year old bush kid.