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Humans of Technology

Each individual has a story, a tale of how they see or embrace the world. Our world has now become incredibly dependent on the advancements of technologies, so they have inevitably become apart of our stories. It has entered nearly every aspect of our work life, education and social lives. They have essentially redesigned the ways in which our society runs, as well as the very relationships we have with other individuals and our own digital devices. It was these thoughts that inspired the creation of @tech_humans. For the digital project, Monique and I thought it would be best to create an Instagram to photograph people in their everyday lives. As we would ask their permission to take their photo and explain to them the aims of our project, we would begin to conduct a small and simplistic interview, asking them a bunch of questions. From here, we would then take the most interesting quote that they said and use it to accompany the image of the person, both of which would then be posted to …

The 78 Year Old Bush Kid

Gary Tolhurst’s earliest childhood memories are etched into the large gum trees and hidden paths which run along the Illawarra escarpment; memories which are still as lively as the running streams in which he played. Jump forward 70 years and Gary still smiles about his wondrous childhood and the unique relationship he developed with the Australian bush, a sanctum of life, beauty and raw nature. The bush has not only become a part of Gary’s identity, but has also ignited his passions for wildlife and nature, a fire which still burns so brightly in the dark green eyes of this 78 year old bush kid.