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Beyond The Frame

A crowd of black suits and luxurious gowns weave in between works of spectacular opulence and grandeur, sipping on expensive glasses of sparkling champagne, muttering tame and polite phrases. The crowd slowly begins to gather in front of a work on a bleak white wall, a work that is yet to be unveiled to the world, surrounded by the copycats of Van Gogh and Monet alike. The anticipation builds and the red velvet sheet drops, unveiling the new artwork. Silence. The elites stare, taking in the work. No applause. No polite admirations. The work is eventually met with gasps, looks of horror and the smashing of those ritzy champagne glasses. ‘The arts’ reflect the diverse lives we all live and just like one’s life, they too transform, grow and evolve, reminding us of our humanity and challenge the very core values of our beliefs. As eras have passed and art movements been shaped, society is now subject to an array of eclectic art forms and works, though not all are as widely accepted and appreciated …


Lachlan Dent is one young basketball player to keep an eye on. At just 15 years of age, Dent was selected to play for Australia in the World Championship Qualifiers. Playing basketball since a very young age, Dent continues to grow as both a player and student of the sport. Darren O’Brien, coach of Dent’s Illawarra Representative team wholeheartedly agrees that Lachlan has the potential to go professional and supports him on his ventures playing with the Australian Nationals Goanna team. Such huge achievements and aspirations keep Dent busy with a strict and intense training regime though he is eager and determined as ever to break into the international sporting community and represent the country that he loves in a profession which he so clearly excels in.