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What’s Hidden: A World of Technology and Opportunity

In a world saturated by technology, society has never been so connected. Advancements and new technologic platforms have given individuals an array of opportunities to express themselves and grow, allowing them to live both in the real world and the hidden online and virtual realms of the digital one. Elizabeth Ellis, 19, is just one of the three billion Internet users who surf the Internet each day and can’t imagine life without it. Through establishing herself on the social media site Tumblr, Elizabeth has been able to connect with other users from all around the world, partaking in events and activism campaigns which would have been impossible to join had she not had access to the Internet. Elizabeth believes “the internet is kind of this hidden realm. We all know it is there, but I don’t think we truly understand the extent of its abilities and potentials.” Elizabeth explains how the Internet has opened up the opportunity for individuals to join a new type of community; a community which may be considered hidden from that …

When In Rome

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. So grab a gelato and vespa and try keep up with the locals! Rome is a beautiful city, filled with rich history. As you walk through the winding streets you will definitely come across ruins! Maybe even take a walk through the Roman Forum and try your best impression of Julius Caesar. The Colosseum is a must do activity and the sheer size of it will leave you speechless! After that, head deep into the city and grab some more gelato, I mean, you’re in Rome! Am I right? Or am I right? From hear, duck over to the Trevi foundation and be ready to through in some Euros! Remember, if the first coin goes in, you will return to Rome; the second, you will find love; and the third, you will get married! As fate would have it, it seems I will never return to Rome, though I will find love and marriage. Soon you will have to leave this incredible city and my one last bit …

Hola Barcelona!

If cities were people, I would definitely chose Barcelona to join me for a night on the town. It is such a funky city.  Arriving on the sunny Spanish coast and sipping on a glass of Sangria is the perfect way to spend any afternoon! With locals hustling all around you, the city is kept alive with a constant buzz of soul and music. The people are friendly and the food is tasty! What else can any traveller ask for? Be sure to check out the insane architecture that is La Sagrada Familia and the Gaudi apartments. These architectural artworks are so magnificent and obscure, you will find yourself in such a complete and utter daze!